Pay what’s fair

Rather than set a definitive price, I operate a pay what's fair model. I realise this is subjective, and if you've never received ministry from a trained Spiritual Director, it may be hard to decide. This information may help:

  • Some Spiritual Directors have a suggested offering of £40-£50.
  • I pay my Spiritual Director £30.
  • When meeting people daily or weekly to take them through the Spiritual Exercises, I have acquaintances who charge £25 per session.
Pay what you can

You may not be able to afford what you feel is fair, that's fine, speak to me about paying what you can.

How can I pay?
Debit or Credit Card

You can donate securely online with your debit or credit card here, or by clicking the button below.

Pay through Starling Bank

Once you arrive you will see an image of me and my name. Click the "LET'S GO" button and you will be asked how much you wish to send. There is also the option of leaving me a message. Click next and enter your card details.


With cash when we meet.

Get in touch

Please let me know if you have any questions.