Karl Benson
About Me
Karl Benson

Hi, I'm Karl. I believe wholeness comes from following the desires that arise from your deepest and truest self—your union with God.

I offer a space of spiritual exploration to help you connect with God and discern your unique path to wholeness. The path that releases you to be you.

My spirituality

My roots are in Christianity; it is the ground I grew out of. In my role as a Spiritual Director, I help you explore your path to God. I hold your beliefs, faith, tradition, values, culture, and lifestyle choices with reverence. I will not impose my beliefs or theology on you.

My history

I’ve been a Soldier, Scientist, ordained church Minister, Hospital Chaplain, and Chaplain to the Armed Forces.

I entered pastoral ministry because I wanted to help people connect with God and grow spiritually. I did this in many ways, but the most helpful was creating a space for people to share and explore their faith.

This was particularly fruitful in a one-on-one environment where people felt most able to share their longings, desires, confusions, doubts, a crisis of faith, without the fear of judgement from their faith community.

This led me to train as a Spiritual Director.

My training in Spiritual Direction

I trained in both Spiritual Direction and Retreat Giving at St Beuno's Ignatian Spirituality Centre.

Anyone can call themselves a Spiritual Director without training. This may be legal, but it is not ethical. With good intentions, an untrained person may give you their advice, try to fix you, or correct your beliefs to put you on the 'right path'. This should not happen in Spiritual Direction.

If you’re considering engaging the services of a Spiritual Director, be sure to ask them what training they received. You can read a small article I wrote on training Spiritual Directors here.